Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Three Bears

How many bears fit into a LunchBots Trio?  Three!  One in each compartment. 

A bear muffin cup contains cantaloupe (or as I grew up calling it ~ muskmelon). 

Next to him is a bear sandwich.  Actually, it is a turkey sandwich shaped like a bear :)  I used a circle cookie cutter to make his head out of bread.  Then I used two smaller sized cookie cutters to cut his mouth and ears out of rice krispie treats.   His little nose is assembled with sprinkles. 

The bottom has carrots and ranch in a tiny sauce container.   

This is what I used to make this lunch:


  1. Love your bear lunch! The sandwich looks so cute!

  2. I love all your bears! What a cute lunch!

  3. What a great bear theme! Love the bear sandwich!:)

  4. I've never heard anyone say muskmelon before?!


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