Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fruity Smoothies

My kids love fruit smoothies.  They are a great snack on a hot summer day.  There is really no wrong way to make them.  I use some sort of frozen fruit to make it cold, then maybe some fresh fruit, and some yogurt.  I throw it all into the blender.  It is indeed that easy. 

I found the cutest little mason jar glasses on Main Street at my local hardware store.  What a find!  Adding little drink umbrellas and a straws make them a really fun treat!

This is what I used to make today's smoothies, but like I said just experiment with whatever ingredients you have on hand. 

I used half a bag of frozen mixed berries, 2 bananas, and vanilla yogurt.  I made two batches so I would  have leftovers to freeze.  I use plastic freezer jars.   That way I will have some for quick breakfasts too.  I take them out of the freezer when I wake up and by the time my kids are awake, they are thawed enough for breakfast.  Here is a link to a smoothie lunch I packed.  They work great in lunches!  Pack one in a cooler lunch bag and by lunch they are all ready to eat!   Meet the Dubiens has a great smoothie post too!

Here they are in the freezer.

They are always a favorite!

This is what I used:

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