Sunday, September 16, 2012

Waffle Bento


Left over freezer waffles are packed in Laptop Lunches today.  When I make waffles I make tons of them.  I freeze the extras so they can be popped in the toaster Eggo style in the mornings for a fast breakfast.  They also pack well in lunches.  I toast them and then pack them up.  The waffles do not stay warm but my kids love them anyway.  There is syrup in the little pink sauce container.

A fruit salad of green and purple grapes, kiwi, and strawberries is in the green box.  Yogurt with sprinkles is packed inside too.  I made a bunny shaped hard boiled egg with an egg mold.  It is hard to see the bunny face with the lighting I used but trust me it is there.  My youngest calls them Max and Ruby eggs.  We eat a lot of hard boiled eggs in my house. I purchased an egg cooker and I love it!  I can make 7 eggs at a time.  I just stick the eggs in and it beeps at me when they are ready. 
To make molded eggs, peel them when they are still hot.  Rinse off the molds and pop in the peeled egg.  Let it cool off in a bowl of cool water and you are done!  
This is what I used to make today's lunch:

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  1. I bet my son would LOVE a waffle in his bentos!


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